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Born in 1975
Graduated from RISD in 1997
Lives and works in New York City 


2015             International School of Kofu art consultant, Japan

2015             Mural in a daycare center Yamanashi, Japan

2013            Tshirt Design for victims of 3/11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan (9/11-3/11 Connected by Hope)

2011/12        Collaboration with WTC Tribute Center and public school students on the 9/11 Memorial mural 

2011              Show at the New-York Historical Society, NY

2008           Group show with middle school students in CUE ART Foundation, NY

2007           Group show in Lorimer Station Studios, Brooklyn, NY

2006           Group show in Lorimer Station Studios, Brooklyn, NY

2005           Group show in Broome Street Gallery, Soho, NY

2004           Group show in Lincoln Center, NY

2003           Group show in the New Yorker magazine's gallery, NY

2002           Group show in Carnegie Hall, NY

1998           Group show in Theatre X, Milwaukee, WI

1997           Group show in Woods-Garry Gallery, Providence, RI

1996           Group show in the ART for AIDS, Milwaukee, WI

1995           Solo show in the Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee, WI

1994           Solo show in De Graaf Gallery, Chicago, IL

1994           Solo show in Dennis Uhlig Gallery, Milwaukee, WI


2012           ABC News (9/11 Memorial Mural) 

2012           Publimetro Mexico (9/11 Memorial Mural)

2012           Metro News (9/11 Memorial Mural) 

2012           The New York Times (9/11 Memorial Mural) 

2012           Teen Kids News/ Fox

2011           Art Tails (Charity Art App for Japan) 

2011           The New York Times (Student Art Mural) 

2011           Channel 25 (Student Art Mural) NYC Media, NY

2010           Channel 13 (Chase School Awards) PBS, NY

2010           Polish Daily News 

2009           Sing Tao Daily Newspaper   

2009          Channel 13 ( Chase School Awards)PBS, NY

2009          New York Community Media Alliance 

2009          Sinovision News NY   

2008          CBS News, NY ( art mural director with middle school students)  

2008          Sinovision News NY

2008          Book Links Magazine

2006          "Mural on Second Avenue", published by Candlewick Press, MA

2005          Columbia Journal Review

2004          Sales and Marketing Management

2003          New Yorker magazine's gallery review

2002          New York Times op ed section

2001          Progressive magazine

2000          Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

1997          Providence Journal Bulletin

1996          Milwaukee Herald